Glad you’re there….

Posted By on November 23, 2011

Have a good one...

Dear friends –

I hope this is a great day of thanksgiving & full heart for you, and I hope even more…

I hope this is the kind of day you have every day, not just once a year. Once an hour & once a minute is OK, too…the world around you glows in the light of your gratitude.

I hope you get a chance to sing a song today which fills your heart, and you know what it’s like to be kissed back, by a song.

I hope you are with friends & family & people who love you, and that you get the chance to tell them your love for them.

I hope that if you get enough to eat, you remember our brothers and sisters who need more, and that you make plans to give them a hand. The need is great, and many sharing hands are needed.

I hope that if you feel good today, that you feel even better as you check in with friends who are healing, so your words & your love can give them a lift.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, and to those around you.

All good things to you –


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