The election, upon us….

Posted By on November 1, 2012

It’s been an interesting year, coming down to the wire….a few folks have asked what I read to keep up with the way the electoral college is shaping up. If that’s interesting to you, I’ll tell you that I like the way these two sites poll each state to arrive at the projected winner (the popular vote is meaningless, as Vice President Gore found out when he had a half million more votes, and lost).

The two sites you might want to watch in these few days before the election are Real Clear Politics and….they break it down state-by-state. See what you think. Take a peek, and then see what it all looks like on Wednesday morning.

Personally, it’s long past time for the electoral college to go (and yes, I have talked to my representative about it!) The thing was put to a vote (with President Nixon’s endorsement, it was called the Bayh-Celler Amendment) in 1969, but was filibustered to death in the Senate after the House overwhelmingly had voted for it – read about it here, in the first quarter of the article).

My bigger concern, though, is the way the Ohio election was handled in 2004…both the Conyers Report and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. report (read it! and then ask, “Why wasn’t this HUGE news?”) … both raise grave concerns that that election had fraud written all over it, and that both parties turned their heads given the evidence of it. Scary stuff for the country, and I hope that folks’ awareness – both Dems & GOPers –  grows about the direction it went that time. Stay informed.


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